Baby Tummy Oil - Aromatherapy Blend

Baby Tummy Oil - Aromatherapy Blend

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Dominant oils: Fennel, Blue camomile
Function: Colicky baby may find relaxing, cramp-reducing and comforting. Also may relieve and release burps.
Use: Massage gently over the epigastric and abdominal area in a clockwise motion

Massage: Use 15-30 drops per 1 oz (30ml) carrier oil or lotion  and massage into desired area. Grapeseed, Jojoba, Sweet Almond oils are best for this purpose. (2-4% dilution)

Bath: Add a drop into bath water

CAUTION: Never use Aromatherapy Blends undiluted on the skin. Check with your health-care practitioner about using blends during pregnancy and postpartum.