Pleasure Balm Sensation - Strawberry

by Nantucket Perfume Company

Indulge in Kama Sutra Strawberry Balm as it creates a cooling and tingling sensation to help increase sensual response and foreplay fun. Ignite some overdue passion into your romance and encourage body exploration with our strawberry flavored body balm. Who says you can’t have romance and luxury? This kissable Pleasure Balm has the tempting flavor of ripe strawberries and intoxicating rich champagne.

  • Flavored Body Balm which creates tingling sensation on contact
  • Can be applied anywhere to the body to enhance sensual response
  • Pleasure Balm is a foreplay gel to encourage body exploration, it is not meant for use as a lubricant.

Turn up the heat and caress your lover with ever so gentle kisses and tongue traces. The secret to the pleasure evoking strawberry pleasure balm is our natural mint ingredient, which creates a cooling tingling sensation on the skin surface. Reconnect with your partner and tease each other with something on the sweeter side.