Bulgari Eau Parfum Pure Unisex


Bulgari Eau Parfum Pure Unisex

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Pure Oil Ressemble of the third Eau Parfume in the line of Bvlgari “tea fragrances” is also unisex.

The fragrance is gentle and very sensual. Two red tea extracts were used to create this fragrance: Roiboos, the South African variety, which gives off its warm and gentle woody character, while Yunnan, a Chinese one, offers its intense and voluptuous aroma to the composition. Top notes of pink pepper, orange and bergamot followed by red tea and fig, while the trail is sensual and warm; harmonizing the notes of walnut and musk. It was created in 2006.

Produced using the highest quality oils by master perfumer, John Harding, this ressemble of the eau de parfum presents these features:

  • Pure natural oils
  • No alcohol
  • Proven to last longer on your skin