USPS Priority Mail Shipping Christmas 2020

Regarding delayed shipments, we can assure you your order has been dispatched and that we share your frustration. We followed the USPS guidelines for holiday shipping and got everything out before their Dec 19 deadline. Now there are news reports across the country of backlogs and delays. When using tracking numbers, the information is vague ("delayed" "in transit.") One explanation is that due to the backlog, packages aren't being scanned, so tracking information isn't being updated. People have reported their packages simply appearing even though the tracking information hasn't been updated.  
The card shown below is linked here as a downloadable pdf to print out and use as a temporary placeholder for your gift recipients. 
For information about your shipment, your best bet is to contact the USPS at 

USPS® Customer Service

Email via form:

Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our side now that packages are with the Post Office except keep the faith, be patient with postal workers, and remind our customers how much we appreciate you and regret the situation.

Wishing you Peace and Joy,

Patricia Harding

Nantucket Perfume Co.