Pure oils. Zero Alcohol.

Why choose our Pure Perfumes & Colognes over department store scents?


Nantucket Perfume Company PURE PERFUME & PURE COLOGNE
healthynatural,  and less expensive alternative to the department store option.
No Alcohol
Store perfumes and colognes have 80-94% alcohol content. Our PURE perfume and PURE cologne have no alcohol, just the natural oil.
Strength of scent 
Our pure perfumes and colognes are highly concentrated. One drop on your skin will last for 8 to 12 hours. Spray-on alcohol based products have no endurance. Pure perfume cologne do not spoil – our glass bottles protect longevity.
Most people have no allergic reaction to pure perfumes and colognes because of the natural content….No alcohol and no petroleum filler, both of which cause allergic reactions.
Other Uses 
Add a drop of pure perfume or cologne to your bath….it is just pure oil.
We also infuse our own line of lotions, shampoos, massage products, and more with your favorite perfume or cologne.
No designer glass bottle, but simple effective packaging shipped in sustainable boxes