Silver Rain Pure Perfume

by Nantucket Perfume Company

Silver Rain, by Swiss perfumers La Prairie was inspired by the phenomenon that takes place in spring in the mountains of the Alps. Rain is transformed into ice crystals of breathtaking beauty. In the spring ,these crystal melt and fall from the height of 1000 feet. This is called “ silver rain”.

This fragrance created in 2004, includes rare ingredients from all over the world. Top notes include spicy green apple, citrusy-floral accord of Verbena Blossom from the South of France, dewy red fruits, anise oil from Thailand and bergamot from Calabria. At its heart, Moroccan red rose petals meet Chinese star magnolia, tropical Agarwood and night-blooming Indian jasmine, leaving a trail of warm red sandalwood, creamy Tonka bean from Venezuela, heliotrope, vanilla from Madagascar and mix of different musks.