Bottles of Nantucket Dream Unisex Fragrance by the ocean

Nantucket Dreams Pure Unisex

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Nantucket Dreams: A Unisex Fragrance that brings your island dreams to life

Nantucket Dreams is a unisex fragrance Nantucket Dreams™ is the first scent designed by master perfumer John Harding's daughter, Caroline. This scent is very fun and playful. Whether you're looking for a subtle scent to wear every day or an intriguing aroma to captivate a special someone, Nantucket Dreams is the perfect choice.

This alcohol free fragrance features a base of sandalwood and a combination of jasmine, lily and orange flower with exotic wild mint, and Caroline’s favorite fruit, cherry. Made using the finest natural oils, this pure unisex fragrance is proven to be long lasting. A single drop will keep you smelling fresh and sweet all day!

This versatile fragrance is perfect for all occasions. Whether you are going out all day or staying in, this complex and mellow fragrance will impress. Bring your adventurous island fantasies to life with Nantucket Dreams pure fragrance.