Private Perfume Event

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Discovering a great scent is an adventure to be shared. We will come to your location with a broad selection of pure single note and blended oils to mix and test until we land on the one that suits and delights you.
Before the event, you and your guests complete a Scent Profile questionnaire to begin the conversation. Your questionnaire is part of the checkout process now. We will send a separate link to the form for you to forward to your guests, if you choose.
Each guest will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our perfumer to create their signature custom fragrance.
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Custom events begin at $500 for the first hour with $250 each additional hour. To begin place a 50% deposit. When checking out indicate your preferred date and time. This appointment tentative until we call you confirm. Once confirmed, we will charge remaining balance.

Once underway, your party can unfold in its own time. We will bill additional hours on the day.  All signature scents created will be kept on file and available for re-order via private pages on our site.
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